Parade on Monday!

Hello all,

Here is your final info for the parade this Monday!


  • LHS Band Room Open: 2:30 pm
  • Meet on the front lawn of OLD Berry: 3:00 pm
    • Uniform: Band polo, Khahki shorts, Short Socks, shoes appropriate for marching, no hats (sunglasses are ok)
  • Parade steps off: 4:00 pm
  • Approximate parade ending: 4:15 pm
  • Band Room open immediately afterwards, closed at 5 pm

Other Important Info

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after the parade
  • Never expect less than the very best for yourself, including in this performance. Make sure all music is memorized! 
  • There were some issues with the parts on Memorial Day, so I have attached rewritten and attached parts to the Google Classroom Page.
  • If you have not joined the LHSMB Google Classroom yet please do that today. The class code is 5yhjdk

The Independence Day Parade means a great deal to our residents and city leaders. It is also one of the most (if not THE most) patriotic day of the year. BE YOUR BEST!

Drum Major Tryouts and Student Leader Applications

Drum Majors Prepare for the following:

  1.     Conduct a piece of your choice for one minute. Show off your ability!
  2.     A five question interview

Student Leader & Drum Major Candidates

  1. Projects and resumes due in the band room by 3:00 pm the same day as DM Tryouts.
  2. Both Student Leader and Drum Major Candidates must complete the projects and resumes to be considered, including Guard and Percussion.
  3.  See Mr. Iannellifor an information packet beginning Friday, March 30

The World's BEST Solo and Ensemble Advice!

  1. Soloists
    1. Tune with your tuner before you play or seek help from me (I will try to make it to everyone if I can).  
    2. The judge needs a copy of your music with measures numbered. Take care of this BEFORE the day of the event.
  2. Ensembles
    1. Tune your instruments BEFORE you go in to perform.
  3. You have time this week for help. Take advantage of it!!
  4. Dress nicely. This is a professional event that calls on you to dress appropriately.  
  5. Be on time.
  6. LJHS (Monday, April 3 at 6 pm)  When you arrive check in to the band room for warmup. The events will be held in the choir room. The audience will sit in the risers.
  7. LHS (Wednesday, April 5 at 3:30 pm) When you arrive check into the choir room for warmup. You will need to have secured your instruments before 3:30; the band room will not be available for walking through to get them.
  8. Parents, relatives, friends, and others are welcome to attend!
  9. About 30 minutes before your performance time start your warmup.  Go through some of the tough spots, but don’t go through the entire piece or wear yourself out.  Whatever you do, DON’T OVER PLAY.  About 5 minutes before your time head to the performance room.  
  10.     10.Once your time arrives all the nerves, jitters, and panic attacks won’t help.  Just come into the room, do your best, HAVE FUN, and play M U S I C A L L Y! 
  11.     11.Your rating will be posted in the hallway.  No matter what is posted you are expected to act appropriately. A I (Superior) means you received the best rating possible, a II (Excellent) means you were awesome but have a couple little things to fix, and a III (Good) means you have a couple major things to fix but show fantastic potential as a musician.  IV (Fair) and V (Poor) would be not-so-good ratings that would be unlikely for you to get if you know your music.  
  12. I will also have a sheet that the judge wrote on with comments and an explanation of your rating.
  13. If anyone needs anything just ask.  You’re going to do great! Relax and enjoy the day, and learn! 

LHSMB Recruiting Drive

It’s time to register to be a 2017 Marching Warrior! 

Go to and sign up today!

Plan Ahead! A $100 deposit for Marching Band by the end of the second day of Mini Camp (Tuesday, May 16), and the rest of the fees will be due by the first day of Band Camp 1 (July 17) when we have our parent meeting that night! Fees are normally around a total of $400 but may be higher because of our trip to Indianapolis this year. We will have a info in late March to define this for you!


LJHS Student Help with Solo and Ensemble


LJHS Students Only!

Beginning on Monday, March 20 I will be arriving at LJHS at 7 am to help students with their music for the Solo and Ensemble event being held on April 3. I can help them with anything they are having issues with, or they can practice on their own while I simply monitor the room. I also will give advice and tips to anything I hear that might need "adjusting" as they practice.

I also will be at LJHS from 2 pm-3:30 just about every day from Monday until the day of the event to help these kids as well. There are no "sign ups" for this help, so students can come and go as they please...all are welcome as long you are there to work and get better!  

There is no fee for this-I'm more than glad to help any student who cares enough to improve themselves.

See you all next week!

Cincinnati Regional Concert Band Festival Clinicians

Hello all,

I wanted everyone to get a look at who will be our clinicians this weekend at Mason. Click on their names to check out their bios-they are pretty incredible!

Symphonic Band

Patrick Reynolds, University of Dayton

Ken Thompson, Bowling Green State University

Shelley M. Jagow, Wright State University

Wind Ensemble

James Keene, University of Illinois

Scott Jones, The Ohio State University

Ken Thompson, Bowling Green State University

YouTube links of Concert Music

Many of you who may have already looked these up, but if not here are YouTube links to our music!

Wind Ensemble

Variations on a Korean a Folk Song:

Elegy for a Young American:


Concert Band

Echoes of Eternity:

The Red Balloon:



Success Plan-Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble

Success plan, 2/24-3/18
1. Everyone, including people involved in after school activities, must start putting in time on the music-either at school or at home. That means taking 15-30  minutes a day at home doing working on your band music instead of other things (not counting work, proper sleep and health, parent and other home demands, other school assignments, get the drift). Remember, I not only support but encourage you to get involved with as much as you can handle after school. I also know the hours spent doing some after school activities are anywhere between 9 and 30 hours per week. But we only spend a little over 3.5 hours a week on over 20 minutes of music, and practice on it is required if we are going to be successful. 
2. Students will be asked to play their parts in class-in sections and possibly as individuals-over the next two weeks. This is not meant to embarrass you, but to give you an honest assessment of your progress. Be prepared!
3. Help/practice in the band room-I will be here at 6:45 am until 7:20 am every week day between now and the 18th, and I'm available 8th period until at least 4:30 every day or during the evening by appointment (except from 2:40-3:10 on Tuesdays). If I am not available during those times on a certain day I will write it on the board. 
4. Priority list for personal practice
- [x] Technical passages. Work them evenly with a metronome. If you do not own a metronome download a free app on your phone or type "online metronome" in Google.  
- [x] Overall dynamic contrasts, especially soft and sudden changes
- [x] Intonation and note accuracy-after warmup and on longer pitches, especially higher/lower ranges, different dynamics
    - [x] Note accuracy on 2nd and 3rd parts
- [x] Articulation, specifically the difference between . (Staccato), ^ (marcato),                 > (accent), slurs, etc

5. Priority list for full ensemble
- [x] Watch. I have your back!
- [x] BREATHE. 
- [x] Listen for the moving line
- [x] Match your articulation
- [x] Listen for intonation within your section and across the room
- [x] Balance your part with the ensemble. No individuals should stick out when the section is playing!
- [x] McBeth pyramid when playing chords (the one on the wall in the front of the room)

6. Assignment: today through Tuesday, February 28 write "your story" in the music.  How does the music make you feel? Does it remind you of someone, someplace, or something? What do you see? Does it remind you of an event in your life, a fictional scene, or a time in history? Don't write anything that will make you laugh or that would get you in trouble, but have the music come alive with your own descriptions. It doesn't even have to be related to the subject of the piece. Whenever you can tell I'm not working with you directly in class you should be writing (pencil only). I will look at your music on Wednesday to see what you have done. 

I'm finishing this final draft at 3:07 am, but I don't mind one bit. I did it so you can have the best opportunity for success when you perform, because I am your biggest fan, because I want you to experience the best in what music has to offer, and because I believe in all of you!

Musically Yours,

Mr. Iannelli  

I Be Illin'...

Hello Students and Parents,

I have the flu. Or a sinus infection. Or something. I don’t think it’s a “cold” because no “cold”  I ever had saw a temperature go to almost 103 degrees. 

I got to the doctor today and have been given the appropriate meds to hopefully get back to school quickly. Mr. Matusak will be back in tomorrow and I will expect to come back on Thursday. 

Here’s what is on the agenda for class AND at home tomorrow (Thursday):

8th Grade: Keep working on making El Toro not just good, but really super awesome good. Look at making the articulations spot on, continue your work on making the upper ranges sound as good as possible, and work any sections that are giving you trouble.

7th Grade: Fanfare is a tough piece but not impossible. Work on the parts that are not simple and especially work hard on the rhythms and notes that go by fast…but slow them down when you work on them!  

Wind Ensemble:  Work the end the final variation of Korean Folk Song. Don’t let the triplets get uneven and continue to listen for the moving line work on articulation and watch the dynamic contrasts.

Symphonic Band:  Work the end of Echoes and sort through any of the notes and rhythms from 53-end that are giving you problems. In addition, add all dynamics and style markings. 

Jazz Band: Work on the ending of Afro Blue, listening for the moving line and all the rhythmic/tonal complexities . 

Final Thoughts for performance ensembles.:  With all of our ensembles we are hitting a critical stage where it is imperative that each student be working out any notes and rhythms that they don’t understand on their own at home, and if they still don’t understand what to do arrangements need to be made to get help after school. I will be announcing times for students to get that help beginning next week. 

Honors Music:  Continue working on group projects OR seek help from Mr. Matusak on your theory. (don’t forget to turn in your theory homework)

Thank you for working hard for Mr. Matusak, and thank you for caring about your classes!

See you soon.

-Mr. Iannelli


On Sunday, February 12, 2017, Lebanon High School Band is pleased to host a one of a kind fundraising event. This event has been VERY successful for us and for thousands of school districts all over the country, for over 10 years. We are excited to bring it back for the 3rd time to Lebanon High School. 

I am very excited about this fundraiser for many reasons: 

• The kids do not have to sell anything! 

• The kids do not have to collect money or be responsible for distribution! 

• We will raise several thousand dollars in a one-day event! 

• This costs us nothing! 

• The company runs the event! (

• The mattresses are brand name and priced up to 50% less than retail! 

• The kids can earn “personal referral” incentives! 

EACH student is responsible to

• Find at least one referral to come in and check out the sale. (Did you realize 1 in 10 families buy a new mattress every year? – BE SURE TO TALK TO AT LEAST TEN FAMILIES!) 

• Hand out your referral flyers to people you know. 

• Print your name on the coupon at the bottom, so you get credit! 

• Be at the school on Sunday, February 12, 2017 to help promote the event and have FUN

Sale Info: 

• Sunday, February 12, 2017, Lebanon Jr. High 160A Miller Rd. 

• 10:00AM - 5:00PM.

• There will be Simmons Beautyrest, Southerland and Therapedic brand products on display. 

• Twin from $199, Full from $279, Queen from $299, King /CA-King from $499. 

• All sizes, all styles and name brand sets are available up to 50% below retail

• There will be a showroom set up with 20+ displays and a team of experts to assist. 

• Layaway & delivery are available. 

Our contribution


PLEASE help spread the word! Tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers! 

It is a pleasure to be able to find a way to help our students while providing great value to our community. We appreciate your support and hope to see you on Sunday, February 12, 2017. 

Thank you,
David Iannelli, Director Of Bands 

P.S. Sharing our event is easy on Facebook & Twitter!
Event Link: facebook/ultimatefundraisingsolutions

1.26-27 Class Assessments

Wind Ensemble: Portions of the music in m. 1-88 in Jumpstart (!). You will not play the entire 88 measures, only parts that may be identified as challenging.

  • Tempo only needs to be at 132-144.
  • Dynamics, articulation, etc. should all be performed, but the main focus is on correct notes and rhythms.

Symphonic Band: 1-116 in Workforce

  • Tempo as marked
  • Dynamics, articulation, etc. should all be performed, but the main focus is on correct notes and rhythms.

Jazz Band:  m. 57-65 in Par for the Course

  • Tempo as marked
  • Dynamics, articulation, etc. should all be performed

Students Needed 
For Musical Pit Orchestra

Students are needed for the LHS Production of "The Drowsy Chaperone".  

Instruments Needed:

Flute/Picc (4), Cl (4), Bass Clarinet, Sax (Soprano, Alto 2, Tenor-1, Bari-1), Trumpet (3-5), Trombone (1-3), Keyboards (2), Bass (Keyboard or electric/upright), 2 Percussion (1 set).

See Mr. Iannelli for the music now, and see Mr. Kuhn the week of 1/16 for rehearsal and performance schedules.

Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band Audition Information

Brass:  Mon, 1/23 beginning at 3:00, Woodwinds: Wed, 1/25 beginning at 2:30, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Piano: Fri, 1/27 beginning at 2:45

Audition process (4 1/2 minutes)

  • 0:00-1:30 Winds and strings will play a Chromatic Scale in as many octaves as possible (ascending and descending) and as fast as you can play it.  (Percussion will play 1 roll based rudiment and 1 other rudiment of your choice. Announce to me what you will be playing)
  • 1:30-2:30  New to 2017: You will play as many scales as you can for one minute in the Circle of 4ths or 5ths (either one).
  • 2:30-3:30 You will look over the sight-reading for one minutes (timed)
  • 3:30-4:00 You will perform the sight-reading
  • 4:00-4:30 Discussion and/or overflow time 

Judging Criteria

  1. Play to the 9th on each scale (not on the chromatic-just go the note you go to and then go back down).
  2. Crescendo on the ascending line, decrescendo on the descending line (Yes, do this on the chromatic). 
  3. Articulate on the way up, slur on the way down (yes, do this on the chromatic). 
  4. Tempos can be at whatever speed you want but it must be consistent from scale to scale. 
    1. For example, starting at 160 BPM and ending at 110 would not be a positive.
  5. Correct notes, tone, intonation, posture, consistent rhythms from scale to scale, etc. will also be part of the criteria judged from each candidate.

Other Important Information

  1. Members for these select groups are selected based on many detailed factors and after a great amount of thought and consideration. The amount of students taken in one section is largely dependent on students taken in other sections, so an unexpected change in personnel effects each student in the ensemble.
    1. We want every student to have multiple musical opportunities at Lebanon High School. Music should not be just for the elite. However, due to the complexities and makeup of these two ensembles, if you are only able to be in them for one semester or expect problems down the road please do not audition.
  2. If auditioning on drumset sign up for two consecutive times-your audition will last a little longer. 
  3. If you are auditioning on guitar, bass, or piano prepare to sightread chords/changes.
  4. If you are auditioning for both groups you will arrange for only ONE audition time.
  5. Saxophone players trying out need to be willing to play ANY Alto, Tenor, or Bari. The school will provide the instrument for $50 per year but students must purchase reeds as necessary.
  6. Clarinet players may be offered a spot in the ensemble as bass clarinet players. The school will provide the instrument for $50 per year but students must purchase reeds as necessary.
  7. Jazz Band students may be selected as MIT’s (Members In Training). These students take the class for full credit but do not perform at most, if any, performances.  In some cases this lasts the entire year.
  8. Results will be posted about a week after the last audition.

If you have any questions please make an appointment with Mr. Iannelli!

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving from The Iannelli Family. We have a lot to be thankful for, and that includes you!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Iannelli Family. We have a lot to be thankful for, and that includes you!

LHSMB Update

LHSMB students and parents,

We are now in the last 18 days of the 2016 season. It doesn’t seem possible, but we are running out of tomorrows!

Some things to share as we approach these last couple weeks:

  • Student attendance is critical to our success. Missing a day could mean missing a tweak in the design, cleaning that one part of the show that needs it, or reinforcing those parts of our program that give the students the best chance for success. It has nothing to do with trophies-we want them all to experience EXCELLENCE…to feel the exhilaration of being the “BEST THEY CAN BE”.
  • The last week of the season is almost settled, but not completely. The way it looks now is on the TBB, but here’s a review: Monday: OFF! Enjoy a day with your family, Tuesday: either 3-6 pm at LHS or 5:30-9 pm at LJHS (I will know the time by next Monday afternoon, Wednesday: 2-5 pm at LHS, Thursday: 5:30-9 pm at LJHS, Friday: 3-5 pm at LJHS and then a playoff game (more info TBA), Saturday: TBA…probably an AM rehearsal followed by a late AM performance). As soon as I can nail down the information that isn’t 100% in stone I will communicate it to you immediately.
  • Check the weather. This has been a very warm fall but that likely won’t last. Make sure you check the weather each day before you leave the house to make sure you have the proper gear for rehearsal.
  • Know your work and your music…PRACTICE! We need everyone to be at their best, and the only way that happens if everyone is confident on their parts! Remember: “ALL OF US, ALL THE TIME”.
  • If the football team were to win their first playoff game we would play again the next week (Fr, or Sa, November 11 or 12). That info would come out the moment we knew what was going on. 

As always, I thank all of you for your support, flexibility, and support during this season. It’s been a very successful year and we’re only going to keep getting better. I’m proud of what our band is accomplishing and where they are headed. 

#warriorstrong #warriorpride


Saturday, October 22 Time Change

The number of students taking the ACT on Saturday, October 22 increased from 5 to 11 almost overnight, so it caused me to rethink our rehearsal hours for that day.

After consulting with the students involved while also considering our staff work and family commitments, I have chosen to change our rehearsal hours that day to 10 am-6 pm.  We will still have a lunch break and we will try to line it up with when the majority of the students arrive back from the test. 

I apologize for any inconvenience these changes may have caused, and I sincerely do hope this is the last change I have to make. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding. 

The Next 12 Days

There is a TONhappening with the LHSMB program right now. I have written out a day by day description of the goings on between now and October 1.

  • Wednesday, September 21: NO REHEARSAL. Practice at home, put dot sheets in your dot book.
  • Thursday, September 22: Rehearsal 3-6 pm
  • Friday, September 23: Report to LHS at 4:30 pm. We will be a Pep Band that night (no front sideline equipment). Their field is in pretty rough shape and we are looking to keep our students from injuring themselves. 
    • 100% attendance is expected from all LHSMB members
    • We will wear polo shirts and khaki shorts. If there is a weather forecast that looks different than what I am seeing now that could be updated.
  • Saturday, September 24: Rehearsal 9 am-5 pm 
  • Sunday:, September 25: REST
  • Monday, September 26: LHS Bands Concert, rehearsal moved to Wednesday.
  • Tuesday, September 27: Rehearsal 3-6 pm
  • Wednesday, September 28: Rehearsal 3-5:45 pm, load buses at 6:15 pm (wear polos and khaki shorts). Play at the Skyline Chili Pep Rally. The pep rally will begin around 6:30 and will be finished at Skyline between 7:15-7:30 pm.
    • Everyone will receive coupons for 2 free cheese coneys!
    • Students will be able to eat shortly after the pep rally is over, or you can save your coupon for another time. (I believe the coupons expire a couple weeks after the event)
    • Students who can drive will drive themselves to Skyline. It would be advisable to park in Colony Square’s Parking Lot.
    • Students who cannot drive will be taken by bus. Parents can pick up their children when the pep rally is over in the parking lot in Colony Square-do not try to park at Skyline. The bus will not be taking kids back to LHS.
    • I need 1-2 chaperones who could then be picked up down at Skyline (the buses will not be taking kids back). Please sign up on CHARMS if you can help!
  • Thursday, September 29: Rehearsal 3-6 pm
  • Friday, September 30: Report to LHS at 4:30 pm for game at Northmont
  • Saturday, October 1: Rehearsal 9 am-noon at LHS, 17th Annual Marching Warrior Invitational, noon-10 pm
    • Students will sign up for one 2.5 hour shift.
    • All LHSMB students will report to the band room at LJHS by 6 pm to prepare for warmup, move to warmup at 7 pm, perform at 8 pm.

With all of this in mind, we chose to give everyone a break and not do a donation day fundraiser on Saturday, October 8. We are going to do a twist on it and have a “virtual” donation day on our October 22 rehearsal day (more to come in later communication).

I realize how much work this band does for it's school, it's community, and itself. Though it may not seem like it at times you are admired by many, many people and appreciated by everyone I speak with around town. It's not just a something we say at the end of practice to get out the door, it's true.


Thank you for all you do.

Getting There

We now have 45 people signed up for the Ford Test Drive this Saturday, so we added 39 people yesterday. NICE WORK. 

We now need 55 more to meet our quota. This isn't a goal for us, this is what we have to do to keep the fundraiser. 

If you haven’t signed up please do so now, and if you have signed up get family and friends to sign up as well!

Here’s the web address where you can signup:



This Saturday is the Lebanon Ford Drive One For Your School Event. For each Lebanon Ford Test Drive the band earns money-up to a couple thousand dollars if we have 100 people.

This will only take 10-20 minutes of your time, there is ZERO sales pitch, and it's to help your kids in the band program. 

This is held at the Lebanon Junior High School Parking lot, and we need 100 different household to participate. Right now we have 6. That's just not close to enough. 

You need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid Ohio driver's license. If you fit that criteria please, please, PLEASE sign up for a time between 8 am and 1 pm. at this web address: 


LHSMB Part Tests



  • We expect all students to know all of their parts from memory.

  • If you're ready now you can test sometime before rehearsal Thursday or before we leave Friday.

  • The rest of the students will be given their tests during rehearsal next Monday, 8/29.

  • Tests are over all of pregame and parts 1 and 2 of the competition show.

  • You will test in groups of no more than 4 students of your choosing for a wind staff member (including Mr. I, if you want). Your group must have similar parts

  • If you don't pass you have until Friday, September 2 at 3 pm to do so. If you don't pass a part of pregame or the competition show you unfortunately will not be permitted to march that portion at our first home game. 

Remember, WE ALL WANT YOU TO PASS!. Work on your music and memorize it-not until you get it right, but until you can't get it wrong. YOU CAN DO IT...WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!

#warriorstrong #warriorpride