Beginning early in the week we knew that the Centerville competition had the potential to be a weather hazard. Forecasters had rain hitting the area hard at 7 pm, which just so happened to coincide with the beginning of our warmup. 

Unfortunately, they were right on the mark with their forecast.

The show was delayed. Then again. Then a third time. When we finally resumed four bands had decided they had enough and went home. We were one of four other bands that decided to stick it out-trust me, there was more than one moment when I considered the other option, with very compelling arguments to do so.

Looking back I am so glad we made the decision to stay. The conditions had improved enough to perform (barely) and the kids wanted to go out there. Had either one of those not been the case we would have gone home. 

However, what our band showed tonight is that we have come full circle from where we were a very short time ago. These kids simply never give in. Weather doesn't stop them, hard music and drill doesn't deter them, and plans that changed seemingly every 5 minutes were a mere bump in the road. 

Also, our parents were incredible. Whether helping with props, unloading/driving a trailer, making delicious soup (man, I love soup day) or cheering in the rain on wet bleachers...they were the unsung heroes of the night. It's obvious where our kids get their dedication to this program, and we are indebted to them for their unwavering support.

The scores?  Our product is improved, but we have things to get improve and we will do just that. The Boro game this Friday will be our next best performance. A week later we will be ready to burst on the scene at MidStates Championships like never before. This band is primed for two incredible weeks.

Thank you all so, so much for your dedication to this program. #warriorstrong #warriorpride