A huge congratulations to the Marching Band for a tremendous season. I am happier for you than you could ever imagine.

There are three groups of people I want to thank:

  1. The group of people I get to plan rehearsals with every day. They aren’t “my staff” or “the staff”…we’re all part of the same team. Multiple times a week we communicate by email, GroupMe, text, or (gasp) in person to decide as a community of educators what is the best path. There are no egos, and everyone has a voice. I'm a better educator because of them.
  2. The parents. Instead of hearing from our parent group, “You have to do this”, “You can’t do that”, or “What are you doing for <insert their child’s name here>” we instead hear, “What can we do to help?”, “Do you need anything?”, and “Is there anything else we can do?” It’s a trait that is rare (and appreciated more than you could imagine), but is quickly becoming the identifying trait of the people in this community.
  3. The students. What else can I say that hasn’t already been said? Veterans heard me promise something in sentence and believed in it, rookies went on blind faith that everything would be awesome, and exactly four months after the first summer rehearsal we finished the job we set out to do. 

    I’m so happy for our senior class (who waited a long time to feel the way they felt on Saturday afternoon), but I’m also thrilled for our students in grades 8-11. The future looks so bright for you-take what you have learned this year and expand on it.

    Also, I want to thank our students for being class individuals. That shone through everywhere we went on Saturday-whether we were on the field, in the stands, or at a restaurant.  Trust me, people noticed.

Enjoy this today, remember it forever...and go practice!