A friendly reminder about the parade this Friday, July 3.  Remember-only LHSMB vets are expected to marching this parade.  


  • Uniform: Polo shirt, khaki shorts or capris, low-mid cut white socks, low-cut gym shoes (no Chuck T's)
  • Timeline
    • 2:30-Band room open for instruments
    • 2:45-Band room closes
    • 3:00-meet on the front lawn of Berry for warmup and other preparations 
    • 4:00-Parade steps off
    • 4:20-Leave parade route at Sycamore St.
    • 4:45-Band room open for instruments to be put back
    • 5:00-Band room closes
  • Other reminders:
    • Eat a healthy meal before you arrive and drink plenty of water!
    • Make sure you know the music/work for America the Beautiful-PRACTICE!
    • If you have been a couch potato since school let out get active between now and Friday!

If you have any questions please contact me via email-I will be checking it occasionally between now and Friday.