What to Bring

  • Pencils

  • A healthy, packed lunch (something that won't spoil in 3 hours)

  • Your new dot book

  • Your instrument/equipment (don't forget valve oil, reeds, slide oil, sticks, tape, etc...)

  • Your music in a binder

  • A couple clothespins (keeps music from blowing away when we rehearse outside)

  • A half gallon to full gallon water bottle-filled with water when you arrive

  • A 24 pack of water to donate for the season

  • Sunscreen, reapplied every hour (SPF 15 minimum)

  • Bug spray

  • Lip protection/balm (NOT Carmex if you're a wind player-bad for your lips!)

  • Any forms or payments that are due

  • Any epi-pens,inhalers, knee braces, etc.


What to Wear

  • Clothes that are weather and school appropriate that allow you to be physically active during rehearsal (Think function, not fashion)

    • Ladies may not wear only sports bras, and gentlemen must wear shirts

  • Gym shoes (low cut & decent quality-no Chuck Taylor’s)

  • Low cut socks

  • A hat and sunglasses


Other Guidelines

  • Before you arrive, eat a well balanced breakfast that will fuel you until lunch

    • This includes drinking plenty of water before you arrive AND the night before.

  • Dinner will be provided for all students through donations to the band parents (be looking for emails to help out!)

    • If a student has special nutrition needs please be sure to list them on the form that you turn in with your other forms. We will be sure to provide what they need.

  • Be ready for a great week of fun, learning, and meeting friends...old and new!