Hello all,


The kids did a terrific job at their first day of camp, and I also enjoyed meeting many of you at the meeting. If you didn't make the meeting I will put the notes online.

Some new announcements, most of which have to do with scheduling:

1. Our first competition will NOT be on September 5 (Labor Day Weekend). Our first competition will be on Saturday, September 12 at Kings... we do NOT have a commitment on September 5. My apologies for the error.

2. On Fr, July 31 (Last day of Band Camp 2) we will end rehearsal at 4 pm so students and parents can prepare to help at the Blues Fest.

3. In addition to the soccer game added to the schedule on August 21 (FUTBOL NIGHT) we have been asked by the Lebanon Youth Football Organization to play at halftime on Saturday, August 8th. I realize that is the last weekend before school begins and many of you may have previous commitments, so please inform me if it is NOT possible for you to be there. 

Thank you everyone!