Hello all,

The 2015 Marching Warriors had a PHENOMENAL first week of rehearsal. Thanks to all of you for getting the kids to rehearsals, donating food, and for helping with all of the other ins and outs of band camp! We are going to do a couple things differently this week…please read carefully!

  • With hot weather coming we are going to plan around it by spending a little more time outdoors during the morning and evening, while spending more time inside during the heat of the mid afternoon.  With that in mind lunch will now be from 1-2:15 pm and fruit break will be moved to the morning on Monday-Thursday.
  • On Friday we will have two blocks of time (9-noon and 1-4 pm with a one hour lunch in the middle).  We will be spending the majority of that time outside (Weather permitting). We will be dismissing that day at 4 pm to have the students and parents ready to volunteer for the BluesFest (HUGE fundraiser!).
  • On Wednesday and Thursday night this week (August 29 and 30th) the band day will extend until 10 pm. We will be having MOVIE NIGHT on Wednesday night and our 2nd Annual Band Camp Dance (complete with DJ!) on Thursday night.
  • A week from tomorrow (Monday, August 3) rather than having rehearsal we are encouraging all students to attend the Soaring Sounds Drum and Bugle Corps show in Centerville, OH. Ticket prices, times, and plans will be announced this week. 

    Thanks again for all of your support!

Musically Yours,

David J. Iannelli
Lebanon City Schools, Director of Bands 7-12