Hello all!

Next Monday, August 3 we are going to replace rehearsal with an opportunity to attend a Drum Corps International show at Centerville HS. The tickets should be no more than $6 per student thanks to money being provided by the band parent association. The final amount to be revealed tomorrow), and bus transportation will be provided. 

If you have never seen or heard of DCI check out YouTube or dci.org. Simply put, it's the major league of marching, and the kids will have a blast. 

Here are the details:

5:30 pm bus loads at LHS
5:45 bus leaves LHS
6:20 arrive at Centerville
7:00 show begins
10 show ends 
10:30 bus leaves for home
11 bus arrives at LHS 

I need to have final ticket numbers by Noon tomorrow, so anyone who says they will go must stick with that promise and also pay for their ticket by the end of the week. 

If you have any questions please let me know!