Hello all,

The Lebanon Marching Band has been invited to perform at a very special event on Friday, August 21.

This year the soccer season will open one week before the football season.  Lebanon is going to have a Friday Night Futbol event at Vandegrift Stadium, with the boys and girls soccer teams having their opening game, and we have been allotted 15 minutes to perform our halftime show at half of the girls game! This will be an excellent opportunity to support our fellow Warriors and also a chance for us to perform for a great crowd!

Our tentative timeline would be this:

5:00 pm arrive at LHS to load (only those students with instruments that cannot be transported personally)

6:00 arrive at Vandegrift

6:30 move into the stands for pep tunes

7:45 (approximate) perform our competition show

8:15 load trailers for transport back to LHS.

9:00 unload at LHS

Uniform would be polos and either khaki shorts or long pants, depending on weather.

Please add this performance date to your calendar!