Hello all,

I first want to thank all of you for having your child choose marching band as an activity-I am honored to be teaching your kids.  

This group of students are hardworking and enjoyable to work with during rehearsals. As staff members we want them to experience the activity at a high level- we are well on our way to having everyone on the field is on board with that same mindset as long as we all keep our expectations high. 

In light of some recent requests I would like to review a couple policies that we have for the group.  Keep in mind that this is not directed at any individual but at the group as a whole.

1. Attendance is mandatory at all LHSMB events.  If there is an optional event you will hear it directly from me via email and/or social media.

2. Students are expected to have all of their equipment and supplies with them every day.

3. Inability to meet the above expectations could lead to a student standing on the sideline at that weekend's performance(s)

â–ªAdditionally, if the problem becomes recurrent they could be replaced in the drill and take on alternate status.

Be proud of your kids for being a Marching Warrior, enamored with what they have achieved thus far, and ready to see much, much more as time goes on. This show, and this season are going to be tremendous

Thank for supporting your students in their desire for a strong music education.