When people rebuild a program of any kind it usually means a couple years of not-so-good results. My favorite Cincinnati baseball and football teams are the poster boys of that philosophy.<heavy sigh>.

So when I told the staff in January that I wanted to change things for the 2015 LHSMB I told them I didn't want to rebuild. I didn't want to start over.

I wanted a reboot.

We had a clean slate with some real talent coming back on the field and in the staff. New student and staff talent was arriving as well. We didn't have to tear it all down, but redefine who we were and what we expected. The veterans and leadership were willing and able, and the rookies were eager. It seemed like the perfect scenario.

The changes were mostly subtle to the outside observer at the onset. A few cosmetic changes to the band room, some staff shuffled their roles (including yours truly), we revealed a new and cleaner website, and increased the expectations for knowing the music and drill. Then we ordered state of the art dot books, invested in some new wind instruments, electronics, and guard equipment, and created new ways to communicate with the kids (Warrior Strong). 

Most importantly, we made a promise to the students that everything we performed-from the first pregame to Championship Weekend-would be done at an extremely high level. Nothing would be done halfway or without the goal of excellence. Stand tunes, the fight song, our Alma Mater, the National Anthem...everything mattered.

We showed just a taste of it at the soccer game last Friday, but tomorrow night at the football game you will really see what we were going for with this plan. Our pregame looks and sounds better than any I can recall. Our halftime will be exciting and fun to watch, not to mention well performed and surprisingly accurate for August.

I told the students today--this was done because we wanted the students to be happier and more proud to be in the program.  It makes for a better community, a better school, and a better life. In a time where we hear so much negative about kids and what they do, it's time that we show off the positive...and that's exactly what we're going to do.

So in closing, get to the game tomorrow night, even if you've never been to one. Wear your Lebanon colors. Sit in the middle of the bleachers. During pregame and halftime cheer like crazy for YOUR Lebanon Marching Warriors. It's the beginning of a new era, and we can't wait to show you what we're doing.