With our first show coming up, I thought I would be a good idea to share with all of the LHSMB students what is to expect when we arrive at a show. Student leaders will receive a hard copy of this.

The Lebanon High School Marching Band at Competitions
Your how-to guide to success on and off the field!

  1. Arrival at Site
    1. Wait to be dismissed from the buses by the chaperones.
    2. This will be the time to use restrooms, but not put on uniforms.
    3. After restrooms, move to the trailers
      1. Unload, get uniforms, etc.
      2. Find a discreet area to dress/undress-Do not undress in public
      3. What to wear with the uniform
        1. Wear a pair of thin shorts and your band t-shirt
        2. Earrings are ok, but nothing dangly
        3. NO WRIST BANDS OR NECKLACES. Take them off when you put on the uniform and put them back on after the show.
        4. See a band parent uniform mom for any instrument or equipment maintenance.
  2. Move to warmup
    1. You will be given a time that we will be moving to warmup
      1. At this point all movement is silent
      2. Eyes are forward and focused.
      3. Stay in step by focusing-no tap will be given
    2. Warmup
      1. Body warmup
      2. Music warmup (percussion/winds are separated, guard on their own) 
      3. Combined percussion and winds for the last 15 minutes
    3. Move to Pre-Set
      1. Sometimes there will be water
      2. Section time
      3. Ensemble Time (“Find a shoulder”)
  3. Perform
    1. Leave it all on the field.
  4. After the performance march back to the trailers
    1. We will come up with a new tradition on how to do that
    2. We will talk as an ensemble around the trailers
      1. After ensemble talk we will split up into groups
    3. You will then have time to change out of uniform
      1. You must wear your show shirt so prepare for the weather…we will discuss what to wear in addition to the shirt when necessary.
      2. There may be times where you don’t have time to change and you will keep it uniforms-but this will be rare
      3. You will also have time to relax, get a drink of water, use the restroom
        1. At a pre-determined time you will meet the chaperones and move down to the field.
  5. Go to the Bleachers
    1. Stay with the chaperones and band at all times. No trailing off with significant others, other bands, etc.
      1. The band will find a place to sit in the stadium. The Lebanon Band ALWAYS sits together. 
      2. If you need to use the restroom, want to get food, etc inform a chaperon and always go in groups of 2 or more. Never leave each other behind!
  6. Watching other bands
    1. Respectfully applaud ALL of the other bands. Lebanon Bands are always first class
    2. Do not talk during performances, no matter what other schools are doing.
    3. No PDA.
  7. Scores
    1. We are in Class AAAA (the second largest class). Class is determined by amount of musicians, and we are right in the middle of the class.
      1. Awards can include
        1. Best Music in Class, Best General Effect in Class, Best Visual In Class, Best Percussion in Class, Best Color Guard in Clases. 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place in class. 
        2. There are often Best Overall awards for those Captions, as well as Reserve Grand Champion (Runner Up) and Grand Champion (Best Overall Band).
      2. 100 points total. 40 for General Effect Music (Guard can be mentioned in this), 20 Music Performance, 20 General Effect Visual, 20 Visual Performance. There are also judges for percussion and guard that give them scores, but those scores do NOT go into the final score for the overall band.
  8. Awards
    1. If there are good results be happy. Cheer and scream. Hug and be joyful! But be humble when talking to bands from other schools. Nobody likes a snob.
      1. If the results aren’t so good don’t cheer, but don’t beat yourself up or make fun of yourselves either.
      2. During the awards for OTHER CLASSES be respectful of other bands by staying quiet so they can hear the results. 
      3. After awards are finished head to the buses. 
  9. Back on the buses
    1. Make sure you get on the same bus you traveled to the competition on.
      1. Get to the bus quickly and efficiently.
  10. Arrival back home
    1. Nobody is dismissed until you are let go by an adult such as Mr. Iannelli, a staff member, or Mr. Slaughter. Please communicate this to your parents so they know what to expect!