LHSMB students and parents,

We are now in the last 18 days of the 2016 season. It doesn’t seem possible, but we are running out of tomorrows!

Some things to share as we approach these last couple weeks:

  • Student attendance is critical to our success. Missing a day could mean missing a tweak in the design, cleaning that one part of the show that needs it, or reinforcing those parts of our program that give the students the best chance for success. It has nothing to do with trophies-we want them all to experience EXCELLENCE…to feel the exhilaration of being the “BEST THEY CAN BE”.
  • The last week of the season is almost settled, but not completely. The way it looks now is on the TBB, but here’s a review: Monday: OFF! Enjoy a day with your family, Tuesday: either 3-6 pm at LHS or 5:30-9 pm at LJHS (I will know the time by next Monday afternoon, Wednesday: 2-5 pm at LHS, Thursday: 5:30-9 pm at LJHS, Friday: 3-5 pm at LJHS and then a playoff game (more info TBA), Saturday: TBA…probably an AM rehearsal followed by a late AM performance). As soon as I can nail down the information that isn’t 100% in stone I will communicate it to you immediately.
  • Check the weather. This has been a very warm fall but that likely won’t last. Make sure you check the weather each day before you leave the house to make sure you have the proper gear for rehearsal.
  • Know your work and your music…PRACTICE! We need everyone to be at their best, and the only way that happens if everyone is confident on their parts! Remember: “ALL OF US, ALL THE TIME”.
  • If the football team were to win their first playoff game we would play again the next week (Fr, or Sa, November 11 or 12). That info would come out the moment we knew what was going on. 

As always, I thank all of you for your support, flexibility, and support during this season. It’s been a very successful year and we’re only going to keep getting better. I’m proud of what our band is accomplishing and where they are headed. 

#warriorstrong #warriorpride