Brass:  Mon, 1/23 beginning at 3:00, Woodwinds: Wed, 1/25 beginning at 2:30, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Piano: Fri, 1/27 beginning at 2:45

Audition process (4 1/2 minutes)

  • 0:00-1:30 Winds and strings will play a Chromatic Scale in as many octaves as possible (ascending and descending) and as fast as you can play it.  (Percussion will play 1 roll based rudiment and 1 other rudiment of your choice. Announce to me what you will be playing)
  • 1:30-2:30  New to 2017: You will play as many scales as you can for one minute in the Circle of 4ths or 5ths (either one).
  • 2:30-3:30 You will look over the sight-reading for one minutes (timed)
  • 3:30-4:00 You will perform the sight-reading
  • 4:00-4:30 Discussion and/or overflow time 

Judging Criteria

  1. Play to the 9th on each scale (not on the chromatic-just go the note you go to and then go back down).
  2. Crescendo on the ascending line, decrescendo on the descending line (Yes, do this on the chromatic). 
  3. Articulate on the way up, slur on the way down (yes, do this on the chromatic). 
  4. Tempos can be at whatever speed you want but it must be consistent from scale to scale. 
    1. For example, starting at 160 BPM and ending at 110 would not be a positive.
  5. Correct notes, tone, intonation, posture, consistent rhythms from scale to scale, etc. will also be part of the criteria judged from each candidate.

Other Important Information

  1. Members for these select groups are selected based on many detailed factors and after a great amount of thought and consideration. The amount of students taken in one section is largely dependent on students taken in other sections, so an unexpected change in personnel effects each student in the ensemble.
    1. We want every student to have multiple musical opportunities at Lebanon High School. Music should not be just for the elite. However, due to the complexities and makeup of these two ensembles, if you are only able to be in them for one semester or expect problems down the road please do not audition.
  2. If auditioning on drumset sign up for two consecutive times-your audition will last a little longer. 
  3. If you are auditioning on guitar, bass, or piano prepare to sightread chords/changes.
  4. If you are auditioning for both groups you will arrange for only ONE audition time.
  5. Saxophone players trying out need to be willing to play ANY Alto, Tenor, or Bari. The school will provide the instrument for $50 per year but students must purchase reeds as necessary.
  6. Clarinet players may be offered a spot in the ensemble as bass clarinet players. The school will provide the instrument for $50 per year but students must purchase reeds as necessary.
  7. Jazz Band students may be selected as MIT’s (Members In Training). These students take the class for full credit but do not perform at most, if any, performances.  In some cases this lasts the entire year.
  8. Results will be posted about a week after the last audition.

If you have any questions please make an appointment with Mr. Iannelli!