I know that with everyone's busy schedule it may be difficult to find time to help out, but I could really use some help next week on a couple days, and it's SUPER easy. As always, community service credit will be given when needed!

Monday from 6-8 pm (4 people needed)

Set up and work the band table at the 8th Grade Activity Fair at LHS. Would love to have someone with a laptop with a marching band video on a laptop, another person to make a poster on a Poster Board (describing Concert, Jazz, and Marching Band), and a couple people to take trophies and other materials down to the table. You would have some literature to hand out and also could answer simple questions from any parents.



4 people to help setup our solo and ensemble contest.


Help run the solo and ensemble event. 2 people to run comment sheets back and forth from the judge to Mr. Iannelli in his office, 2 people to work the doors before and after the performances, 1 person to post ratings.

Go to the calendar on CHARMS to sign up for these roles...they are SO helpful to making everything a smooth and uneventful day each time. THANK YOU!