I realize that in the middle of all the confusion some may be wondering about the status of the Jazz Dance on Saturday and the concert on Monday. We have missed a lot of rehearsal time, minds are certainly elsewhere right now, and instruments may be at school. It's not ideal by an stretch of the imagination. 

However, at this point there is no plan to cancel, change, or postpone any performance. I will always, in every circumstance put the safety and well being of our students first, and if district officials or local law enforcement believe it is in our best interests to cancel any performance to protect our students I will do just that. But at this point I have been given no indication that this should occur. 

As I told the students at LJHS, take tonight to enjoy each other's company and give each other an extra hug. We'll get back to making the art of making beautiful music to combat this ugliness first thing tomorrow.

Warrior strong. Warrior pride. 

Take care. 

David Iannelli