There is a TONhappening with the LHSMB program right now. I have written out a day by day description of the goings on between now and October 1.

  • Wednesday, September 21: NO REHEARSAL. Practice at home, put dot sheets in your dot book.
  • Thursday, September 22: Rehearsal 3-6 pm
  • Friday, September 23: Report to LHS at 4:30 pm. We will be a Pep Band that night (no front sideline equipment). Their field is in pretty rough shape and we are looking to keep our students from injuring themselves. 
    • 100% attendance is expected from all LHSMB members
    • We will wear polo shirts and khaki shorts. If there is a weather forecast that looks different than what I am seeing now that could be updated.
  • Saturday, September 24: Rehearsal 9 am-5 pm 
  • Sunday:, September 25: REST
  • Monday, September 26: LHS Bands Concert, rehearsal moved to Wednesday.
  • Tuesday, September 27: Rehearsal 3-6 pm
  • Wednesday, September 28: Rehearsal 3-5:45 pm, load buses at 6:15 pm (wear polos and khaki shorts). Play at the Skyline Chili Pep Rally. The pep rally will begin around 6:30 and will be finished at Skyline between 7:15-7:30 pm.
    • Everyone will receive coupons for 2 free cheese coneys!
    • Students will be able to eat shortly after the pep rally is over, or you can save your coupon for another time. (I believe the coupons expire a couple weeks after the event)
    • Students who can drive will drive themselves to Skyline. It would be advisable to park in Colony Square’s Parking Lot.
    • Students who cannot drive will be taken by bus. Parents can pick up their children when the pep rally is over in the parking lot in Colony Square-do not try to park at Skyline. The bus will not be taking kids back to LHS.
    • I need 1-2 chaperones who could then be picked up down at Skyline (the buses will not be taking kids back). Please sign up on CHARMS if you can help!
  • Thursday, September 29: Rehearsal 3-6 pm
  • Friday, September 30: Report to LHS at 4:30 pm for game at Northmont
  • Saturday, October 1: Rehearsal 9 am-noon at LHS, 17th Annual Marching Warrior Invitational, noon-10 pm
    • Students will sign up for one 2.5 hour shift.
    • All LHSMB students will report to the band room at LJHS by 6 pm to prepare for warmup, move to warmup at 7 pm, perform at 8 pm.

With all of this in mind, we chose to give everyone a break and not do a donation day fundraiser on Saturday, October 8. We are going to do a twist on it and have a “virtual” donation day on our October 22 rehearsal day (more to come in later communication).

I realize how much work this band does for it's school, it's community, and itself. Though it may not seem like it at times you are admired by many, many people and appreciated by everyone I speak with around town. It's not just a something we say at the end of practice to get out the door, it's true.


Thank you for all you do.