Success plan, 2/24-3/18
1. Everyone, including people involved in after school activities, must start putting in time on the music-either at school or at home. That means taking 15-30  minutes a day at home doing working on your band music instead of other things (not counting work, proper sleep and health, parent and other home demands, other school assignments, get the drift). Remember, I not only support but encourage you to get involved with as much as you can handle after school. I also know the hours spent doing some after school activities are anywhere between 9 and 30 hours per week. But we only spend a little over 3.5 hours a week on over 20 minutes of music, and practice on it is required if we are going to be successful. 
2. Students will be asked to play their parts in class-in sections and possibly as individuals-over the next two weeks. This is not meant to embarrass you, but to give you an honest assessment of your progress. Be prepared!
3. Help/practice in the band room-I will be here at 6:45 am until 7:20 am every week day between now and the 18th, and I'm available 8th period until at least 4:30 every day or during the evening by appointment (except from 2:40-3:10 on Tuesdays). If I am not available during those times on a certain day I will write it on the board. 
4. Priority list for personal practice
- [x] Technical passages. Work them evenly with a metronome. If you do not own a metronome download a free app on your phone or type "online metronome" in Google.  
- [x] Overall dynamic contrasts, especially soft and sudden changes
- [x] Intonation and note accuracy-after warmup and on longer pitches, especially higher/lower ranges, different dynamics
    - [x] Note accuracy on 2nd and 3rd parts
- [x] Articulation, specifically the difference between . (Staccato), ^ (marcato),                 > (accent), slurs, etc

5. Priority list for full ensemble
- [x] Watch. I have your back!
- [x] BREATHE. 
- [x] Listen for the moving line
- [x] Match your articulation
- [x] Listen for intonation within your section and across the room
- [x] Balance your part with the ensemble. No individuals should stick out when the section is playing!
- [x] McBeth pyramid when playing chords (the one on the wall in the front of the room)

6. Assignment: today through Tuesday, February 28 write "your story" in the music.  How does the music make you feel? Does it remind you of someone, someplace, or something? What do you see? Does it remind you of an event in your life, a fictional scene, or a time in history? Don't write anything that will make you laugh or that would get you in trouble, but have the music come alive with your own descriptions. It doesn't even have to be related to the subject of the piece. Whenever you can tell I'm not working with you directly in class you should be writing (pencil only). I will look at your music on Wednesday to see what you have done. 

I'm finishing this final draft at 3:07 am, but I don't mind one bit. I did it so you can have the best opportunity for success when you perform, because I am your biggest fan, because I want you to experience the best in what music has to offer, and because I believe in all of you!

Musically Yours,

Mr. Iannelli