Hello Students and Parents,

I have the flu. Or a sinus infection. Or something. I don’t think it’s a “cold” because no “cold”  I ever had saw a temperature go to almost 103 degrees. 

I got to the doctor today and have been given the appropriate meds to hopefully get back to school quickly. Mr. Matusak will be back in tomorrow and I will expect to come back on Thursday. 

Here’s what is on the agenda for class AND at home tomorrow (Thursday):

8th Grade: Keep working on making El Toro not just good, but really super awesome good. Look at making the articulations spot on, continue your work on making the upper ranges sound as good as possible, and work any sections that are giving you trouble.

7th Grade: Fanfare is a tough piece but not impossible. Work on the parts that are not simple and especially work hard on the rhythms and notes that go by fast…but slow them down when you work on them!  

Wind Ensemble:  Work the end the final variation of Korean Folk Song. Don’t let the triplets get uneven and continue to listen for the moving line work on articulation and watch the dynamic contrasts.

Symphonic Band:  Work the end of Echoes and sort through any of the notes and rhythms from 53-end that are giving you problems. In addition, add all dynamics and style markings. 

Jazz Band: Work on the ending of Afro Blue, listening for the moving line and all the rhythmic/tonal complexities . 

Final Thoughts for performance ensembles.:  With all of our ensembles we are hitting a critical stage where it is imperative that each student be working out any notes and rhythms that they don’t understand on their own at home, and if they still don’t understand what to do arrangements need to be made to get help after school. I will be announcing times for students to get that help beginning next week. 

Honors Music:  Continue working on group projects OR seek help from Mr. Matusak on your theory. (don’t forget to turn in your theory homework)

Thank you for working hard for Mr. Matusak, and thank you for caring about your classes!

See you soon.

-Mr. Iannelli