LJHS Students Only!

Beginning on Monday, March 20 I will be arriving at LJHS at 7 am to help students with their music for the Solo and Ensemble event being held on April 3. I can help them with anything they are having issues with, or they can practice on their own while I simply monitor the room. I also will give advice and tips to anything I hear that might need "adjusting" as they practice.

I also will be at LJHS from 2 pm-3:30 just about every day from Monday until the day of the event to help these kids as well. There are no "sign ups" for this help, so students can come and go as they please...all are welcome as long you are there to work and get better!  

There is no fee for this-I'm more than glad to help any student who cares enough to improve themselves.

See you all next week!