Senior Night Info


  • Seniors are to present their bio directly to Mrs. Turpin prior to being introduced.  This process ensures that we miss no one.  This is each senior's responsibility and not a function of the Mr. Iannelli, LBPA, or the athletic department.
  • If parents/guardians wish to purchase a ticket to the game, you may do so for the Student Price ($4.00) any time this week through the Athletic Dept. at the High School between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  
  • NO tickets will be sold at the student price at the admission gate on Friday evening.  Those tickets are $7.00.  
  • If you have a sports pass or season ticket, all you need to do is have your pass scanned.  
  • If you are only coming for the senior night festivities you do not need to purchase a ticket.
  • ALL seniors recognized Friday participate in a "final walk" across the field at the completion of the game.  We will have seniors align in the north end zone (the end w/ the scoreboard) and parents/families in the south end zone.  Seniors will walk the 120 yds to meet their family

LHSMB AT MASON COMPETITION-Saturday, October 17, 2015


  • 11:00 am unload trailers at LJHS
  • 11:30 stretch at LJHS, 
  • 3:00 pm EPL (food around 3:30)
  • 5:00 depart for Mason.
  • 5:30 Arrive at Mason
  • 6:30 Warmup
  • 7:00 Sideline to Gate
  • 7:15 Rest of Winds to Gate
  • 7:30 Performance
  • 9:45 Awards
  • 10:45 Home
  • 11:15 pm Dismissed
  • Mason Football Field Address: 694 S Mason Montgomery Rd Mason, Ohio 45040
  • Spectator Price of Admission:  $8. 

Some things to know, and some reminders for our THIRD COMPETITION OF THE YEAR!

  1. WHAT A GREAT TIME AT THE LEBANON SHOW! Everyone did a great job running things, and we had terrific feedback from parents, directors, and judges!
  2. Our score was not official on Saturday at our show because we were contest hosts, but we had a very successful showing and another step in achieving our goals for the season. It’s a long process, but we’re going in the right direction.
  3. We’re running out of tomorrows! 
    1. As of the time of this writing we have 4 days until Mason, 11 days until the Centerville Show, and 25 days until it is ALL OVER. Don’t wait to be GREAT!
  4. This competition is about as close as you can get to a BOA Regional-there are TONS of good bands in every class! Make sure you get out to see them!
  5. OK, parents…just how good do you think you can be this weekend in the stands? It’s going to be a big stadium, it’s going to have our biggest crowd of the season, and there are going to be four other awesome bands in our class. We need you to be READY!!!!
    1. A reminder of your goals for Saturday and every competition:

Get there Early.

Be Really, Really Loud.

Wear Your Show Shirts or A Black Shirt.




A Bethel Tate 11:30 am
A Newport 11:45
A Bellevue 12:00
A Bishop Fenwick 12:15
A Carlisle 12:30
A Taylor 12:45
A Williamsburg 1:00
AA Dupont Manual 1:30
AA Conner 1:45
AA Franklin 2:00
AA Tecumseh 2:15
AA Brookville 2:30
AA Blanchester 2:45
AA Connersville 3:15
AA West Carrolton 3:30
AA Milton Union 3:45
AA Western Brown 4:00
A/AA Awards 4:30
AAA East Central 5:00
AAA Simon Kenton 5:15
AAA Fairborn 5:30
AAA Bishop Waterson 5:45
AAA Walnut Hills 6:00
AAA Greenon 6:15
AAA LaSalle 6:30
AAAA Springboro 7:00
AAAA Sycamore 7:15
AAAA Lebanon 7:30
AAAA Northmont 7:45
AAAA Bellbrook 8:00
Open Loveland 8:30
Open Lafayette 8:45
Open Milford 9:00
Open Hilliard Bradley 9:15
Festival Mason 9:30
AAA-Open Awards 9:45 pm




This weekend our organization held the 16th annual Marching Warrior Invitational. Since our first year, when we had to pull the first band off of the field in the middle of a raging lightning storm and have the rest of the competition in the Junior High Gym, each year seems to exceed the next. This year was no different.

As always, there aren’t nearly enough words to express the proper amount of gratitude I have for the hard work the parents do. From the first meetings months ago, to the crew who showed up early on Sunday morning to make sure our school was properly cleaned-the amount of selflessness that has come to define you was on display. When talking to directors, parents, judges, and students from all the groups that attended one thing was undeniable:  We have a first class organization.  

It also wouldn’t be possible to host this event without dedicated students from all of our ensembles. Not only our hard working marching band students (who also had a three hour practice that morning), but also nearly 20 non-marching students who volunteered their time knowing that this event benefits them as well. All of our students were well mannered, hard working, and willing to excel in whatever role we put them in. They are the engine in the vehicle that makes this all go.

I would be remiss if I also didn't mention the tremendous staff that I have the distinct pleasure of working with every day. You may not be full time employees but you work harder than anyone I know. Your dedication, expertise, and forward thinking makes me up my game. It's because of you that I am constantly striving to improve myself as an educator and a person.

While we may not have the resources, finances, or full time personnel that other schools possess, I can’t imagine anyone has more of what we have here at Lebanon from our kids and parents. You are some of the kindest, most hard working people I have ever met, and it is an honor to work with you.

Thanks again for all you have done and for your tireless dedication towards Music Education in Lebanon City Schools!

LHSMB AT LEBANON COMPETITION-Saturday, October 10, 2015

LHSMB Member Agenda

  • Rehearsal from 9-NOON at LHS (Not LJHS).  Any student who needs to unload equipment should arrive earlier to do so. 
  • All LHSMB students need to sign up for ONE 2-2.5 hour volunteer shift. (Most shift times have been filled…good job!)
  • Report to the LJHS band room at 5:30 pm for performance preparation. Guard may need to arrive earlier. 
  • Final working shift (cleanup) begins immediately following awards and ends when everything is finished!
  • Kids need to arrive at VANDEGRIFT Field (LJHS) for their work shift ten minutes before it begins.
  • Report to LJHS Band Room by 5:30 pm to prepare for our performance. Guard may need to arrive earlier.

Some things to know, and some reminders for our SECOND COMPETITION OF THE YEAR!

  • Since we are the hosts we are not competing for placement this week. However, we will receive a score at the end of the evening that I will share with the students.
  • No noise makers like air horns or cowbells. Just lose your voice…I’m serious!
  • With that in mind, be polite to the other bands. Lebanon is first class.  Always.
  • Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’… 
    • As of the time of this writing we have 4 days until the home show, 11 days until Mason, 18 days until Centerville, and 32 days until it is ALL OVER. Wow.
  • Again, remember these three things and we’ll be good to go all season:

Get there Early

Be Really, Really Loud

Wear Your Show Shirts or A Black Shirt


Marching Warrior Invitational Show Schedule

2:45 Announcements/National Anthem (Student Leaders who are able to be there)

Class A

3:00 Mason County High School

3:15 Holmes High School

3:30 Fenwick High School

Class AA

3:45 Western Brown High School

4:00 William Henry Harrison High School

4:15 Glen Este High School

4:30 West Carrollton High School

4:45 Northwest High School

5:00 Carroll High School


5:15 Miamisburg High School

Class AAA

6:00 Elder High School

6:15 Kings High School

6:30 Goshen High School

Class AAA

6:45 Sycamore High School

7:00 Talawanda High School

Class AAAA

7:15 Lebanon High School

7:45 Awards

Very Important Info From Charms

Effective immediately, we have made an important change to the Charms student-area login procedure to help provide better security and privacy for your student information.

As you know, after the Schoolcode is entered, the student's ID number is their first-time password to the specific student's area.  Beginning today, if a student has not created a DIFFERENT password, distinct from that ID, they will be directed to the Change Password screen and encouraged to create a password different from the ID.  We need to add this because certain mischievous students have been using other student's IDs to access their private information.

In a few months we will add an additional step. After the schoolcode is entered for the "public" area, we will require that the student create both a unique username AND password (different from their ID number), in order to access the specific student area of the account.  This Username will need to be unique within your schoolcode.  We will also provide a mechanism for the student to be able to retrieve their own username and password via email or text.

Our new Charms student app (coming soon) will also route the student to the Change Password screen, but the existing app will not.

While this might be an inconvenience now, it will provide for better privacy and security for your student's personal information.

Thank you,
Michael Baker
Charms Administrator

ADULT Volunteers for the Marching Warrior Invitational!!!


Hello Band Parents,

The Lebanon Marching Band Invitational is coming up on Saturday, October 10th at the Lebanon Jr. High.  This is a big moneymaker for the Lebanon Band Parents Association and we need your help to make this successful. 

There are 2 different shifts to sign up to help with.  The High School and Junior High students will have their own sign up sheets, so please don't sign them up here.  All Marching Band students will be expected to help clean up after the event.  Please consider helping out with this event.  We need a lot of support in making this a successful Invitational.

Sign Up Link:


LHSMB Appreciation

How to develop a program:

Find students who will put in two hours of intense practice (on blacktop) at tempos nearing 180 BPM-with literally dozens of distractions. Then get into uniform and load a hot bus within 25 minutes before lining up to march a 20 minute parade.

Do all this in weather that is two months late arriving for summer.

The students will behave like professionals. Not because someone makes them, but because they want to be awesome and they trust that's the way to get there. 

When building a program it's really that simple...only it's not. 

Warrior Strong. Warrior Pride.




Junior High Band Night with LHSMB!

Junior High Band Parents and Students: 


On Friday, October 16 the Lebanon 8th Grade Band will be joining the Lebanon High School Marching Band (LHSMB) for Junior High Band Night!  Here is how that evening will go:

  • 4:30 pm Arrive at Vandegrift Field to Practice with LHSMB student leaders and other 8th graders
  • 5:45 pm Pizza dinner outside the band room! 
  • 6:30 pm March down to the stadium
  • 6:51 pm Perform Pregame with LHSMB
  • 7:00 pm Go into the stands for pep tunes
  • ~8:15 pm Watch halftime
  • 8:30 pm Students are dismissed to go home (*if they wish to stay they may do so, but must be picked up immediately after the game ends by the high school band room

Things to know:

  • This is a required performance. All students are expected to attend.
  • Uniform: Band polo shirts, anything needed to stay warm under the polo shirts (long sleeves are ok!), long jeans, gym shoes (no high tops, please!).
  • Memorized music: Fight Song, Alma Mater, National Anthem. Also know the pep tunes for the stands!
  • If you are in an LJHS sport that is also being recognized at pregame you can wear that uniform if it is necessary and still march with the band without changing into your polo shirt, etc.

We look forward to having you with us on the 16th!  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Iannelli!

What To Do at a Show Site

With our first show coming up, I thought I would be a good idea to share with all of the LHSMB students what is to expect when we arrive at a show. Student leaders will receive a hard copy of this.

The Lebanon High School Marching Band at Competitions
Your how-to guide to success on and off the field!

  1. Arrival at Site
    1. Wait to be dismissed from the buses by the chaperones.
    2. This will be the time to use restrooms, but not put on uniforms.
    3. After restrooms, move to the trailers
      1. Unload, get uniforms, etc.
      2. Find a discreet area to dress/undress-Do not undress in public
      3. What to wear with the uniform
        1. Wear a pair of thin shorts and your band t-shirt
        2. Earrings are ok, but nothing dangly
        3. NO WRIST BANDS OR NECKLACES. Take them off when you put on the uniform and put them back on after the show.
        4. See a band parent uniform mom for any instrument or equipment maintenance.
  2. Move to warmup
    1. You will be given a time that we will be moving to warmup
      1. At this point all movement is silent
      2. Eyes are forward and focused.
      3. Stay in step by focusing-no tap will be given
    2. Warmup
      1. Body warmup
      2. Music warmup (percussion/winds are separated, guard on their own) 
      3. Combined percussion and winds for the last 15 minutes
    3. Move to Pre-Set
      1. Sometimes there will be water
      2. Section time
      3. Ensemble Time (“Find a shoulder”)
  3. Perform
    1. Leave it all on the field.
  4. After the performance march back to the trailers
    1. We will come up with a new tradition on how to do that
    2. We will talk as an ensemble around the trailers
      1. After ensemble talk we will split up into groups
    3. You will then have time to change out of uniform
      1. You must wear your show shirt so prepare for the weather…we will discuss what to wear in addition to the shirt when necessary.
      2. There may be times where you don’t have time to change and you will keep it uniforms-but this will be rare
      3. You will also have time to relax, get a drink of water, use the restroom
        1. At a pre-determined time you will meet the chaperones and move down to the field.
  5. Go to the Bleachers
    1. Stay with the chaperones and band at all times. No trailing off with significant others, other bands, etc.
      1. The band will find a place to sit in the stadium. The Lebanon Band ALWAYS sits together. 
      2. If you need to use the restroom, want to get food, etc inform a chaperon and always go in groups of 2 or more. Never leave each other behind!
  6. Watching other bands
    1. Respectfully applaud ALL of the other bands. Lebanon Bands are always first class
    2. Do not talk during performances, no matter what other schools are doing.
    3. No PDA.
  7. Scores
    1. We are in Class AAAA (the second largest class). Class is determined by amount of musicians, and we are right in the middle of the class.
      1. Awards can include
        1. Best Music in Class, Best General Effect in Class, Best Visual In Class, Best Percussion in Class, Best Color Guard in Clases. 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place in class. 
        2. There are often Best Overall awards for those Captions, as well as Reserve Grand Champion (Runner Up) and Grand Champion (Best Overall Band).
      2. 100 points total. 40 for General Effect Music (Guard can be mentioned in this), 20 Music Performance, 20 General Effect Visual, 20 Visual Performance. There are also judges for percussion and guard that give them scores, but those scores do NOT go into the final score for the overall band.
  8. Awards
    1. If there are good results be happy. Cheer and scream. Hug and be joyful! But be humble when talking to bands from other schools. Nobody likes a snob.
      1. If the results aren’t so good don’t cheer, but don’t beat yourself up or make fun of yourselves either.
      2. During the awards for OTHER CLASSES be respectful of other bands by staying quiet so they can hear the results. 
      3. After awards are finished head to the buses. 
  9. Back on the buses
    1. Make sure you get on the same bus you traveled to the competition on.
      1. Get to the bus quickly and efficiently.
  10. Arrival back home
    1. Nobody is dismissed until you are let go by an adult such as Mr. Iannelli, a staff member, or Mr. Slaughter. Please communicate this to your parents so they know what to expect!

Monday at LHS

Tomorrow I will absent at LHS---taking my ailing son to the doctor for what appears to be a nasty case of the flu or a strep infection. I will be back by the time rehearsal starts at 3 pm.

During class you will be splitting up into sectionals. Please keep your cell phones in your bags or your pockets on silent, stay focused, and work on the music that needs it. 

I look forward to a great report when I arrive after school!

-Mr. Iannelli

Away Game Changes

Since we have added the extra day of sectionals this year we will no longer be rehearsing before away games. 

In fact, we are closing the doors to the band room from 3:45-reporting time (5 pm or later) every Football Friday! Go get some rest, see your family, do some homework, volunteer, whatever!


When people rebuild a program of any kind it usually means a couple years of not-so-good results. My favorite Cincinnati baseball and football teams are the poster boys of that philosophy.<heavy sigh>.

So when I told the staff in January that I wanted to change things for the 2015 LHSMB I told them I didn't want to rebuild. I didn't want to start over.

I wanted a reboot.

We had a clean slate with some real talent coming back on the field and in the staff. New student and staff talent was arriving as well. We didn't have to tear it all down, but redefine who we were and what we expected. The veterans and leadership were willing and able, and the rookies were eager. It seemed like the perfect scenario.

The changes were mostly subtle to the outside observer at the onset. A few cosmetic changes to the band room, some staff shuffled their roles (including yours truly), we revealed a new and cleaner website, and increased the expectations for knowing the music and drill. Then we ordered state of the art dot books, invested in some new wind instruments, electronics, and guard equipment, and created new ways to communicate with the kids (Warrior Strong). 

Most importantly, we made a promise to the students that everything we performed-from the first pregame to Championship Weekend-would be done at an extremely high level. Nothing would be done halfway or without the goal of excellence. Stand tunes, the fight song, our Alma Mater, the National Anthem...everything mattered.

We showed just a taste of it at the soccer game last Friday, but tomorrow night at the football game you will really see what we were going for with this plan. Our pregame looks and sounds better than any I can recall. Our halftime will be exciting and fun to watch, not to mention well performed and surprisingly accurate for August.

I told the students today--this was done because we wanted the students to be happier and more proud to be in the program.  It makes for a better community, a better school, and a better life. In a time where we hear so much negative about kids and what they do, it's time that we show off the positive...and that's exactly what we're going to do.

So in closing, get to the game tomorrow night, even if you've never been to one. Wear your Lebanon colors. Sit in the middle of the bleachers. During pregame and halftime cheer like crazy for YOUR Lebanon Marching Warriors. It's the beginning of a new era, and we can't wait to show you what we're doing.



We're making headway but still have a lot of spots to fill. As we mentioned before this volunteer opportunity helps all Lebanon Music Activities. We can use student and parent help throughout next weekend.

We've tried to keep the signup process simple. Please register for any timeslot. If you can not fill a whole 4 hr shift please signup for a block but not how long you can help out for.

Please go to the following link to signup:

Thank you for your support,

Brian Jacobs

Performance Opportunity for Motivated LJHS Kids!

Auditions for the Cincinnati Junior Youth Wind Ensemble will be held next weekend, August 29 and 30 at CCM, for all interested middle school band students.  An audition flyer and audition requirements are attached if you'd like to forward them to parents in an email or hand them out to students.  We've also put together a short Jr.CYWE recruitment video for you to show students in class - it has a few clips of the band playing and rehearsing:

YouTube Promo Video Link:  

Audition Link: 

Jr.CYWE has been invited to play at OMEA and will be performing on Saturday, January 30, 2016 in the Cincinnati Convention Center Ballroom at 11:45 a.m. (Duke Energy Center).  

See Mr. Iannelli for any questions!

An LHSMB Update and a Review

Hello all,

I first want to thank all of you for having your child choose marching band as an activity-I am honored to be teaching your kids.  

This group of students are hardworking and enjoyable to work with during rehearsals. As staff members we want them to experience the activity at a high level- we are well on our way to having everyone on the field is on board with that same mindset as long as we all keep our expectations high. 

In light of some recent requests I would like to review a couple policies that we have for the group.  Keep in mind that this is not directed at any individual but at the group as a whole.

1. Attendance is mandatory at all LHSMB events.  If there is an optional event you will hear it directly from me via email and/or social media.

2. Students are expected to have all of their equipment and supplies with them every day.

3. Inability to meet the above expectations could lead to a student standing on the sideline at that weekend's performance(s)

▪Additionally, if the problem becomes recurrent they could be replaced in the drill and take on alternate status.

Be proud of your kids for being a Marching Warrior, enamored with what they have achieved thus far, and ready to see much, much more as time goes on. This show, and this season are going to be tremendous

Thank for supporting your students in their desire for a strong music education.

Tuesday, Aug 11 Itinerary

Hello all

Here is the schedule and info for tomorrow:

1:45-2pm Mr. Iannelli will be at LHS for anyone who needs to pick up equipment

2:30 Arrive at Junior High Band parking lot, get equipment and uniforms off of the trailers. Head up to the school to change into uniform.

3:30 Pictures begin. After pictures are complete-Rehearsal begins

6:30 Parent Preview show.  Arrive a little before this if possible so you can have time to transport to the field.

What each student needs for the day:

  • Long Black Socks for the pictures
  • Black shoes if you have not yet received your marching shoes  
    • You will not need polo shirts, etc. for rehearsal or the preview show. Normal rehearsal clothes are fine.
  • Instrument
  • Dot book
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen

See you tomorrow!

Rehearsals this week!

Rehearsal reminders for this week:

Monday, Aug. 10: Winds 3-5:30, Percussion and Guard 3:30-6:30

Tuesday, Aug 11: FULL LHSMB, 2:30-7 pm at LJHS (Pictures, Rehearsal, Parent Show). Parent show will begin at 6:30 pm

Thursday, Aug 13: FULL LHSMB at LHS, 3-6 pm