Hello LJHS Parents,

If your child is participating in our solo and ensemble event it is EXTREMELY important that they sign up for after school assistance on their music. We have been doing a little work during class but the majority work needs to happen after school. (Students with private lessons can work with their private teachers).

To get this FREE assistance go to www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0C49A8AE28ABF85-ljhs and sign up for the earliest time possible. Only one student has taken advantage of this offer so far!!

Let me know if you have ANY questions!

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal

I have spoken to the seniors about the possibility of a rehearsal on Wednesday, March 2nd at 4:30-6 pm.  I understand that people's schedules are very busy so if we cannot pull it off I totally understand. 

Please check your schedules and let me know on Monday. If we can make it work I will work on getting clinicians to come and help us. 

Thank you, and if you have any questions be sure to let me know. 

Large Group Contest Detailed Itinerary-Fr, March 4th

I really, really, really looked hard for typos but didn't find any. That's not to say there won't be changes, adjustments, and other small tweaks to this, but this is VERY close to how I expect the day to go.  If you have ANY questions let me know! 


Hello all,

In the handout sent home about part tests there is a small typo that makes quite a big difference.

It reads under #4:

4. Tests are Pass/Fail.

1. General comprehension of the notes, rhythms, and appropriate musicality is expected. Small mistakes will result in a failing grade. Not knowing how to play your part most likely will result in a failing grade.

That part in bold SHOULD have read: Small mistakes will NOT result in a failing grade.

My apologies for the error/panic.

-Mr. Iannelli


Beavercreek Jazz Fest Information

I have received our times for the Beavercreek Jazz Fest on March 5. Junior High-this is all dependent on us continuing rehearsals after Wednesday...you know what you need to do!

Here are the details for the weekend of March 5th:


On Friday and Saturday The Gordon Goodwin Jazz Band is performing. They are a TREMENDOUS jazz band and are sure to have a great time.  Tickets are limited so if you want to go visit http://www.weekendofjazz.org/tickets and purchase them now! This is NOT an official Jazz Band or Lebanon City Schools event.

Students in Winter Drumline

If you want to leave after the clinic to get back to rehearsal that is completely fine. However, you are expected to ride the bus up and back unless you have a parent driving you. You may carpool with parent permission, but students may not drive themselves, even with a parent note.

LJHS Jazz Band

7:00 LJHS Jazz Band Report to LJHS

7:15 Bus leaves for Beavercreek

7:45 Report to homeroom at Beavercreek

8:20-40 Warmup

8:50 Perform

9:20 Clinic

10:00 Get a snack

10:30 Watch Lakota Eastside Jazz

11:00 Load Buses

11:30 Home, ready for pickup

LHS Jazz Band

12:45 pm Report to LHS

1:00 Bus leaves for Beavercreek

1:30 Report to homeroom at Beavercreek

2:10-2:30 Warmup

2:40 Perform

3:10 Clinic

3:50 Get a snack

4:45 Watch Concord 1 Jazz Band

5:15 Load Buses

5:45 Home, ready for pickup

I hope this all helps you plan that day/weekend. If you have any questions let me know!


I know that with everyone's busy schedule it may be difficult to find time to help out, but I could really use some help next week on a couple days, and it's SUPER easy. As always, community service credit will be given when needed!

Monday from 6-8 pm (4 people needed)

Set up and work the band table at the 8th Grade Activity Fair at LHS. Would love to have someone with a laptop with a marching band video on a laptop, another person to make a poster on a Poster Board (describing Concert, Jazz, and Marching Band), and a couple people to take trophies and other materials down to the table. You would have some literature to hand out and also could answer simple questions from any parents.



4 people to help setup our solo and ensemble contest.


Help run the solo and ensemble event. 2 people to run comment sheets back and forth from the judge to Mr. Iannelli in his office, 2 people to work the doors before and after the performances, 1 person to post ratings.

Go to the calendar on CHARMS to sign up for these roles...they are SO helpful to making everything a smooth and uneventful day each time. THANK YOU!

Warren County Arts Council 2016 Scholarship Program

The Warren County Arts Council is pleased to be offering a scholarship program to assist high school seniors continue their higher education in the  arts.

The plan is to award at least three scholarships – two $500 scholarships and $1500 divided among one to three scholarships.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Stone at 513-932-0348

Please note that the deadline for scholarship applications is April 15, 2016. The guidelines and application are in CHARMS (LHS HANDOUTS FOLDER), and will also be accessible on the website www.warrencountyarts.org





Woodwind Audition Sign Ups

Hello Woodwind artists!!

Don't forget to sign up for Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble auditions! Follow this link:


Update on 1.20.16 Activities

Here's what is happening today:

  • Private lessons are canceled and will resume next week so that the high school lots and sidewalks can be cleaned off for the basketball game this evening, which bring us to...
  • Pep Band 1. The game is still on, so please be at the LHS Band Room at 6:30 and go to the gym immediately. Your safety and well being is the most important thing to all of us, so please give yourself plenty of time to drive safely.


Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

If you are a student who shows exceptional enthusiasm, talent, and leadership and wants to spend 10 days in a highly intensive music environment, then the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp may be something for you to check out.

I was notified yesterday that I was given two $460 scholarships for Lebanon students to apply to their tuition . 

Go to www.bluelake.org to find out more information on the camps.


Junior High Jazz!!!

Hello Junior High Parents and Students!


Tomorrow we will have our first Junior High Jazz Band Rehearsal from 2:30-4 pm at Lebanon High School-NOT at the Junior High- which is a small change from the initial info that I sent home.


Here's what you need to know!

  • Students will need their instruments and their band folder for rehearsal (and, of course, a pencil!). 
    • Bass and guitar only need their instrument and a patch cord-we have amps.
    • Drum set players only need sticks and mallets. Piano players will use the baby grand in the band room.
  • If your students take the bus over from LJHS they should walk off of the bus when it arrives in the bus lot at Lebanon High School. (I will let the bus garage know who is leaving tomorrow after I talk to the students. Until 2:20 pm they can wait in the cafeteria (I am in meetings until that time-there will be supervision). 
    • If you are dropping students off you can do so at the North parking lot by the double doors. The band room is right inside those doors.
  • Rehearsals begin PRECISELY at 2:30 pm in the high school band room. That means students need to be in the band room setting up at 2:20.
  • Because of large interest in drum set and piano there will be tryouts for those parts in the next 1-2 weeks. More info to come!
  • Our part assignments depend on every student attending performances and practices. If there is a chance that the student will not be able to do that please do not allow them to participate.

I'm really looking forward to working with the kids. If you have any questions be sure to contact me!

Thankful...for everything

Be honest: When was the last time you were grateful for something you took for granted?  

Something that seemed…insignificant?

For example, I’m grateful for my snot nosed cat. When you tell him he’s handsome he closes his eyes and puts his nose in the air…and that makes me laugh. I like to laugh.  

I learned a lesson 12 months ago, and that was to find the good in everyone and everything. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to be walked on or taken advantage of, but since November of 2014 I’ve tried…albeit not always successfully…to be grateful for even the smallest things.  I have my list, and I encourage you to make your own.

In no particular order, a few things I am grateful for:

  • The crisp smell of fall.
  • The genuine warmth in my wife’s voice. 
  • The fragment of a song that reminds me of when I was a kid.
  • Phone calls and FaceTime with my daughter.
  • Hearing that my parents are in good health.
  • Hearing my son practice piano.
  • Bengals Sundays (despite their recent transgressions).
  • Watching the face of a student in class when they “get it”.
  • Reeses Cups.
  • Warm socks.
  • The Gang of Idiots™ (aka, my friends from high school).
  • Coffee.
  • The Music of Snarky Puppy, Rush, David Masklanka, Claude Debussy, and Peter Gabriel.
  • The Warrior Strong Facebook Page.
  • Jon Stewart.
  • Awesome band parents.
  • The incredible people I work with in the band program.
  • The smell of a new book.
  • Waking up every day knowing that I get to teach music.

Please take these next five days and enjoy the time with your family and friends. As for me, I am taking my own advice and updating my gratitude list. It includes my family, friends and work. But also the uppity profile of my finicky feline. 

And it includes you, for reading this column and supporting music education.


New Instruments for the Holidays?


Few things are as important to a band program as good quality instruments. In recent years I have seen an influx of low quality band instruments moving into the market, especially through the internet and “BIG BOX” stores. Many of these instruments are of poor quality and are not serviceable by local repair shops. These instruments can also cause your child to quickly lose interest in the program when they don’t play correctly!

A good quality instrument does come with a higher price tag, but can and will last a lifetime. These instruments are more durable, and will hold up to the demands of the student through concert and marching band.  A higher quality instrument will be a huge advantage to your child.  If budget restraints make it difficult for you, we highly recommend a name-brand used instrument, as opposed to a new one of poor quality. A recent line from a comedian is that two of junk is still junk…if they really want to stick it to you they’ll give you three!!


  • Do not buy without a return policy.
  • Always avoid instruments that do not list a brand name (I have a list of some of the more dependable name brands below).
  • Beware of all of the instruments that come in a variety of colors. A variety of colors=variety of bad sounds.
  • Other enticing titles to avoid are: “Band Certified”  “Educator Approved”, “80%-90% Off”, “Professional Silver ________” (but no recognizable brand listed), “Concert Quality”, “Bankruptcy Sale”, “New 2016 model”, “College Pro” 
  • If a band instrument claiming to be new has a buy-it-now price of $199.95 be EXTREMELY skeptical and run (don’t walk) away!! 
  • If you do get one of these thinking “I will see how it goes for a while before purchasing a better one if my child sticks with it”  I can about guarantee they won’t play it long enough to need a better one.  If they do, they are to be commended and taken to an expensive dinner. with the band director in tow. Wait…what were we saying?

Many of the inferior instruments look just fine on the outside. The inside is another matter. They are often advertised as “director approved” or other positive sounding terms to mislead the buyer. Please see me or a qualified band instrument dealer (Willis Music, Hauer Music, etc) for help before purchasing!

REMEMBER, a brand name instrument made 30 years ago (even 50 years ago) is almost always a better choice than a new of poor quality.


Now, for some of the common brand names in band instruments that I look for and feel good about you buying:  Armstrong, Artley, Bach, Benge, Blessing, Buffet, Conn, King, Holton, LeBlanc, Omega, Vito, Selmer, Yamaha, Besson, Emerson, Getzen, Gemeinhardt, Pearl, and even Bundy(manufactured prior to 1998).  There are sure to be some more that I’ve missed, but these are usually safe choices.


A new mouthpiece/headjoint and private lessons can make a quality horn sound brand new. If you are in the market let me know and I will point you in the right direction!


Don’t buy the 30 piece set played on by Neil Peart (some of you got that reference). Get your budding young percussionist a TON of different mallets and lessons! That’s the key to percussion excellence!


I want you to spend your money wisely and your student to be able to play for a long, long time! If I can do anything to help you make the choices that are best for your pocketbook and their music education in the short and long term that’s what I am here for…just let me know how I can help!

What A Difference a Year Makes

A huge congratulations to the Marching Band for a tremendous season. I am happier for you than you could ever imagine.

There are three groups of people I want to thank:

  1. The group of people I get to plan rehearsals with every day. They aren’t “my staff” or “the staff”…we’re all part of the same team. Multiple times a week we communicate by email, GroupMe, text, or (gasp) in person to decide as a community of educators what is the best path. There are no egos, and everyone has a voice. I'm a better educator because of them.
  2. The parents. Instead of hearing from our parent group, “You have to do this”, “You can’t do that”, or “What are you doing for <insert their child’s name here>” we instead hear, “What can we do to help?”, “Do you need anything?”, and “Is there anything else we can do?” It’s a trait that is rare (and appreciated more than you could imagine), but is quickly becoming the identifying trait of the people in this community.
  3. The students. What else can I say that hasn’t already been said? Veterans heard me promise something in sentence and believed in it, rookies went on blind faith that everything would be awesome, and exactly four months after the first summer rehearsal we finished the job we set out to do. 

    I’m so happy for our senior class (who waited a long time to feel the way they felt on Saturday afternoon), but I’m also thrilled for our students in grades 8-11. The future looks so bright for you-take what you have learned this year and expand on it.

    Also, I want to thank our students for being class individuals. That shone through everywhere we went on Saturday-whether we were on the field, in the stands, or at a restaurant.  Trust me, people noticed.

Enjoy this today, remember it forever...and go practice!


Championship Week Info and Schedule


The agenda is almost just about set for this coming week. Please read the information below VERY carefully! Thanks! 

Monday-Friday, Nov. 2-6

  • Monday-LHS (normal Monday hours: 3-5:30 Winds, 3:30-6:30 Percussion, 3:30-7 Guard )
  • Tuesday-LHS (3-6)
  • Wednesday-LJHS (2:30-5:30 an activity bus will run from LHS-LJHS for those who don't drive from Wednesday-Friday)
  • Thursday-LJHS 3-6 (an activity bus will run from LHS-LJHS for those who don't drive from Wednesday-Friday)
  • Friday-LJHS 3-6 (an activity bus will run from LHS-LJHS for those who don't drive from Wednesday-Friday)

Saturday at Championships-Our Schedule

  • MEET AT LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL AT 5 am to unload the trailer and prepare for rehearsal, stretch at 5:30, do our visual basics at 5:45, warmup musically at 6:00, and then spend 15 minutes going over parts of the show at 6:15 am. At 6:30 am we will have our final run and then have a very short EPL from 6:45-8:15 before leaving. 
  • We understand that this is an early arrival, but since Mason HS is also hosting a playoff football game that night, the competition is about 3 hours earlier than normal. Consider bands like Olentangy, Westerville South, and Northrop…they are coming from 2-3 hours away but have an arrival time 2-2.5 hours before us. Even if they don't rehearse before leaving (which I am betting they will) they are going to have a minimum of a 4 am departure time. The bottom line is that we want our kids to have every chance to say they had every opportunity to be successful. They have responded positively to everything we've thrown at them thus far...I'm sure this will be no different. 

Saturday at Championships-Where it's At and How it Works

  • Mason HS is hosting both AAAA (our class) and Open Class championships. There are 15 bands in our class. Our performance time is set for 10:45 am
  • All 15 bands play between 8 am and noon-this is called prelims. The top ten scoring bands then get the chance to play again in finals beginning at 2 pm (open class bands compete between noon-2, and since there are only 5 bands in that class they will only have one round of performances) 

Saturday at Championships-"What if...?"

  • The AAAA prelim awards ceremony begins at noon-this is when we will find out if we made finals. If we do we will perform again between 2 and 4:15 pm. After awards at 4:30 we will take the kids to Marion's Pizza (food and drink is generously being provided by LBPA) and then arrive home around 7:30 pm. 
  • If we don't make finals we will stay to watch the five Open Class Bands, then go to Marion's around 2 pm, and arrive home around 5. 

Other Info

  • After working as hard as they have since July, we obviously would be very happy and excited for the kids to be in finals. It's been a great year for them and would be a fitting way to end our season. 
  • However, what is most important to us is that the band continues to do their very best to be the very best. Our students have been tremendous all year with their attitude and commitment-lets keep that going and everything else will take care of itself. 
  • Be looking for one more handout in the next couple of days that sums things up for Saturday. Thanks again for your support of the Lebanon Band Program!

-Mr. Iannelli

Basketball for Food-Pep Band Signup


Hello all,

Each year Lebanon City Schools organizes pep rallies in each district building to raise awareness for donating food to the Lebanon Food Pantry.

The week of November 9 we need 6 students each day to play at these pep rallies.  You may only signup for ONE date and your grades MUST be in good standing in your classes. If I receive an email from a teacher telling me otherwise I will not be able to allow you to go on the trip.

I have created a signup genius where students can sign up-students may only sign up for ONE pep rally. The times listed include reporting to the bus (location for that TBA) and your time away. It is the responsibility of each student to obtain the makeup work ahead of time so you don't get behind in a class.  

Here is the signup genius link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c49a8ae28abf85-basketball

If you have questions let me know!

Full Circle

Beginning early in the week we knew that the Centerville competition had the potential to be a weather hazard. Forecasters had rain hitting the area hard at 7 pm, which just so happened to coincide with the beginning of our warmup. 

Unfortunately, they were right on the mark with their forecast.

The show was delayed. Then again. Then a third time. When we finally resumed four bands had decided they had enough and went home. We were one of four other bands that decided to stick it out-trust me, there was more than one moment when I considered the other option, with very compelling arguments to do so.

Looking back I am so glad we made the decision to stay. The conditions had improved enough to perform (barely) and the kids wanted to go out there. Had either one of those not been the case we would have gone home. 

However, what our band showed tonight is that we have come full circle from where we were a very short time ago. These kids simply never give in. Weather doesn't stop them, hard music and drill doesn't deter them, and plans that changed seemingly every 5 minutes were a mere bump in the road. 

Also, our parents were incredible. Whether helping with props, unloading/driving a trailer, making delicious soup (man, I love soup day) or cheering in the rain on wet bleachers...they were the unsung heroes of the night. It's obvious where our kids get their dedication to this program, and we are indebted to them for their unwavering support.

The scores?  Our product is improved, but we have things to get improve and we will do just that. The Boro game this Friday will be our next best performance. A week later we will be ready to burst on the scene at MidStates Championships like never before. This band is primed for two incredible weeks.

Thank you all so, so much for your dedication to this program. #warriorstrong #warriorpride