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  • Mattie Spoelker 5/2/2004, Brianna Sorum 5/4/2001, Krisanda Gillian 5/5/2000, Dwight Scheid 5/8/2002, Kyra Finnerty 5/14/2004, Mia Teboe 5/21/2002, Enrique Antonio 5/25/1999, Max Newlon 5/26/2004, Alexander Bowman 5/28/2003, Emily Roman 5/28/2004


By the time your read this 285 days will have passed since the first day of school. For those who participated in the 2016 Marching Band it goes back 314. It’s been a long and busy year for everyone, full of wonderful artistic practice and presentations.

I could speak about how our work has yet to begin, how important it us to stay up with your practice, and that we will all benefit from the personal work we will do over the next couple of months.

However, at this moment I feel it’s best to express gratitude.

Thank you to all of the students who worked hard in class every day. You pushed through days where playing may have been secondary to a personal struggle, excessive amount of homework, and many other hurdles-yet you still produced wonderful results.

Thank you to the parents who sacrificed their personal time. You help make our band the best it could be, and are selfless in doing so.

Thank you for supporting the band program financially. So many assisted with fundraising and providing our kids what they needed. 

Thank you to the support staff, especially those who took extra responsibility when I was recovering at home. 

Thank you to the administration of Lebanon City Schools, for supporting the program with your actions, support, and presence at events.

Finally (and most importantly), an enormous thank you to my family, who have been there for me all year, and more than ever during those two months where I could barely care for myself. 

Very soon we get some time off, and we all have earned it! I advise you to pick the instrument or equipment daily and to enjoy the process of making music. It is an enriching and soul refreshing process.

I am proud to be associated with such a warm, giving community that is our band program. I wish all of you the best and will be wishing for your happiness and well being during the next couple of months.

I look forward to seeing all of you again soon. Enjoy your summer!


Let’s Hear It For Music Education!!!